What Our Fantastic Users Say

These are just a few of the messages we have received from our customers over the years.

I've been using this system since 2009 and don't know how I could manage without it, so easy to use and train other staff, even those staff with no computer experience.

We have used Instant Nursery Manager since opening and we could not be without it. A first class system that is both reliable and easy to use and would consider it to be the best money we have spent on our business. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at Instant Nursery Manager for the first class customer service also. A wonderful product

Since installing this software, the time needed to be spent in the office, preparing registers and bills, has now halved. The customer service is also second to none. The best thing we ever bought!

INM has revolutionised our Play Centre's After School Club invoicing!
As a large Play Centre, to be able to send out the invoices with a personalised message (over 130 each month) electronically at the click of a mouse is amazing.

It is much easier inputting and tracking payments and the management information reporting does the job, much to the Treasurer’s delight!

The registers and child information capture is complete and the fact it is cloud-based is fabulous.

The support staff are so helpful and as the system has obviously been established a while it really does more that you think it does!

And I can say it works equally well on Windows and Mac as we use both.

When I opened my nursery in 2006 I considered numerous nursery management software programmes before opting for Datamove's Preschooler system.

I can honestly say I have never regretted my decision for one moment. It has proved to be intrinsic to the smooth running of my business - from childrens' emergency information at the touch of a button, helping me to plan my staffing ratios to invoicing and credit control functions and much much more - I would genuinely be lost without it.

We opened a new Nursery in London in October 2007 and purchased INM in January 2008

This was after using a very disappointing software program from a different company that we had first purchased, that cost us a lot of money with support at a premium rate numbers (and it did require many hours of support.)

Even then it did not do the job for us. I must say that INM is an excellent program, it caters for all management and financial reports that we need.

The support care we received is way past of what one would expect.

I very strongly recommend this product.