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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

We've recently introduced the facility to protect each server account with Two-Factor Authentication. It is widely accepted that username + password is no longer strong enough to protect sensitive data, so an extra layer of security is required to help keep your (and your customers') data as safe as possible.

You'll need to contact us at info@datamove.cloud to enable 2FA on your account. Please note: 2FA is only available when logging into INM via your web browser - remote desktop connections are not supported.

Once enabled when you next logon you will be prompted to create an entry in your preferred Authenticator application (we support Authy, Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator) using either the QRCode or the 'Secret Key' generated at logon. Your authenticator will then give you a verification code to enter in the box on the web page. If the code is valid you will received a 'good to go' message. Click 'OK' and you'll be prompted to re-enter your password and verification code (from your Authenticator app) before you complete your logon.


If you only access INM from a single computer (by one or more individuals), it's probably best to use Authy installed on this computer for your verification codes. If you access INM from several devices in different locations, you will need to use a mobile phone for authentication. If several people need access from different computers, we'll need to set up a userID for each individual and/or location and each user will need access to the Authenticator for that userID. 

Example 1: A group of nurseries managed from a central location where each nursery also has access to INM for day to day running. To use 2FA you'd need a userID for EACH Head Office computer and a separate userID for each nursery computer. 

Example 2: The nursery owner accesses INM both in the setting and from home. Other members of the team need access at the nursery. The owner should have their own userID authenticated from a personal device e.g. smartphone. The team could share a userID with the Authenticator installed on the nursery computer.