There are 3 different versions of the software, one of which is sure to match your requirements

  1. INSTANT NURSERY MANAGER - Best suited for nurseries that use set sessions. Invoicing can be averaged or actual hours.
  2. THE PRESCHOOLER -  Ideal for playgroups, neighbourhood nurseries, children's centres, school sites etc. Allows for a flexible attendance pattern that may change from week to week. Can be configured for either sessional or hourly bookings.
    Monthly billing on a 4,4,5 basis or by the half term.
  3. OUT OF SCHOOL CLUB - Allows flexible attendance patterns AND for more than one session per day. Can be configured for either sessional or hourly bookings.


Every version includes the following features as standard

• Your own logo on invoices, letters and statements
• Daily/Weekly Registers
• Office list of daily/weekly occupancy and staff required
• Staffing ratios for any given day
• Future forecast of age group occupancy
• Email invoices, statements, letters etc.
• Option to use Datamove Cloud hosted email account for invoicing etc. All replies forwarded to the email address of your choice
• Send text messages to one or many parents (less than 7p + VAT per text)
• Invoices, statements, letters and reports can be saved as PDFs for archive/emailing
• Letters for single child, group or all children
• Welcome letter
• Mealtime menus, daily, weekly
• Nursery equipment inventory
• Unlimited historical records
• Address labels
• Cloak room labels, showing custom photo or picture
• Waiting list
• Weekly diary
• Post Code list
• Lightning filtered lists
• Milk claim report 

• Invoice monthly, per half term or per term
• Custom message on invoices
• Statement to date
• Report of payments received between any dates (list for any child or whole nursery)
• Report of payments received grouped by Cash, Cheque, Vouchers, BACS etc.
• Report of invoice totals
• Report of balances fees due to date
• Spreadsheet of transactions for any given week/month
• Report of deposits held
• Flexible price list with UNLIMITED session options
• Apply price increase from any given week
• Auto fee change for age group triggers (some versions only)
• Auto deduction for 'Closure Days' if required
• Auto deduction for any 'Day closed in emergency'
• Instant view of 'Who is Owing' and up to three of your own custom reminder levels
• Report of cash, cheques paid out
• Report of petty cash records
• Report of expenses 
• List of 'Born Between' details for early years funding information
• Early years funding calculator  

• Child details
• Special care details
• Child preferred drinks
• Happy birthday list
• Activity lists
• Child Observation report for parent
• Store parent details required for EYFE claims
• Choice of ethnic group

• Password protected confidential window
• Collection Password option
• List of emergency contacts (up to 4 per child)
• Letters to parents requesting updated child care information
• List of food allergies for kitchen
• List of special care that staff need alerting to
• Accident record
• Medicine to administer records
• Outing list of emergency contacts and sticky nursery ID label
• List of permissions allowed
• List of illnesses had
• List of vaccinations
• Staff Sign In/Out sheets
• Parents to Sign their child In/Out

The following features are available in the versions specified


Access from any PC,
Apple MAC or Tablet
with an internet connection

Access via Internet Browser
or Dedicated Client (Windows or MAC only)

Access can be restricted to specific computers on request

Internet Browser access can be disabled on request

Save Reports, Statements and Invoices to your local PC (Dedicated Client only)

Automatic daily offsite backups

Multiple logons permitted
from multiple locations

Print to your local printer 

NEW - Two-Factor Authentication for added security


Runs on Windows PC
(XP or later)

Can run on Apple MAC using
Windows emulation e.g. Parallels

Remote support using encrypted link

Local backup facility
to removable device

Single computer only
(option to backup/restore to
a second computer on request)


Runs on Windows PC
(XP or later)

Can run on Apple MAC using
Windows emulation e.g. Parallels

Remote support using encrypted link

Local backup facility
to removable device

Run on multiple computers
in the same location

Also Available

We have several other products to help you run your setting as efficiently as possible

Staff Planner

£ Free  
  • Record all your staff's details, qualifications, shift patterns, holiday, absence etc.
  • Instantly view and print rotas and timesheets at the click of a button and much, much more
  • The Staff Planner is available for free to any of our existing clients or £95 + VAT if you are not an existing user
  • Order by calling 0116 237 5017

Menu Builder

£ Free  
  • Build daily or weekly menus for the kitchen
  • Build as many menus as you need
  • Edit existing menus e.g. swap days, chenge options etc.

Milk Claim Calculator

£ Free  
  • Import attendance data from INM and generate WFRU compatible claim forms
  • Works with both 'pints' and 'litres'
  • Option to apply different milk prices over the claim period