Instant Nursery Manager, Preschooler & Out of School Club Manager

Whether you are a childminder, playgroup, after-school or holiday club, busy 100+ day nursery or group of nurseries, this program has everything that you will ever need, saving you hours of management time. Use our Nursery Management software to lighten your administrative workloads and give you more time to do the things you enjoy.

No special computer skills or training are required

At the click of a mouse button, you will always have complete control of fees, registers, occupancy levels and each child's care details. Take a look at the features or view our demonstration videos to see just some the many features available.

Instant Nursery Manager, the Preschooler and the Out Of School Club are now being used successfully by more than 1,800 day nurseries across the UK. Take a look at our testimonials to see what nursery managers are saying about Instant Nursery Manager.


£ 325 + VAT
  • Installation and customisation on one of our secure cloud servers.
  • Then £27.50 + VAT/month (billed quarterly) hosting and support
  • Access from anywhere in the UK/ROI with an internet connection
  • Multiple users at no extra cost
  • Access from outside the UK/ROI by prior arrangement


£ 425 + VAT
  • Remote installation & customisation on a single computer
  • Includes first year's license, online & telephone support then £100 + VAT per annum
  • Single computer only
  • Option to backup data and restore on a second (offsite) computer


£ 525 + VAT
  • Remote installation & customisation on a Master computer and on other local computers as required.
  • All computers access the same shared database
  • Includes first year's license, online & telephone support then £120 + VAT per annum
  • Multiple computers at a single site
  • Option to backup data and restore on a second (offsite) computer

Billing & Booking Options

Our software offers various options to match your billing and booking requirements

  1. AVERAGED - Bill by averaged amounts each month based on a 48-52 week year. Shows an equal amount due each month e.g. Weekly fee x 51 / 12. 
  2. ACTUAL DAYS - Fees are calculated each month for days/sessions attended. Shows a variable amount due each month based on number of days booked.
    A mix of Options 1 and 2 can be used if desired.
  3. HOURLY RATE - As above, but bookings and fees can be based on an hourly rate with 15 minute intervals e.g. from 8:00 to 4:15 = 8.25 hours x hourly rate.
  4. PRESCHOOLER - Allows for a flexible attendance pattern that may change from week to week. Can be configured for either sessional or hourly bookings. Either monthly billing on a 4,4,5 basis or by the half term.
  5. AFTER SCHOOL/HOLIDAY CLUB - Allows flexible attendance patterns AND for more than one session per day. Can be configured for either sessional or hourly bookings.
  6. BILL BY TERM - Aimed at those settings that only operate during school term times.

What Our Fantastic Users Say

I've been using this system since 2009 and don't know how I could manage without it, so easy to use and train other staff, even those staff with no computer experience.

We have used Instant Nursery Manager since opening and we could not be without it. A first class system that is both reliable and easy to use and would consider it to be the best money we have spent on our business. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at Instant Nursery Manager for the first class customer service also. A wonderful product

Since installing this software, the time needed to be spent in the office, preparing registers and bills, has now halved. The customer service is also second to none. The best thing we ever bought!